Catdor: condor necklace commission

They say the Condor symbolizes liberty, love, peace, power & accomplishment. When actress Catherine Hickland asked me to sculpt a condor, I discovered the commission was a metaphor for the link between friendship and my creative process. I’ve known Catherine about five years, and still have a vivid picture in my mind of her coming through the door the day we met. Sometimes I name sculptures after people as a tribute to their unforgettable first impression. These works seize the moment when everything peripheral is obliterated by a tangible arrest of focus; call it seduction, hypnosis, enchantment, whatever. The sculptor Constantin Brancusi once said, ‘Beauty is absolute balance’. This is what I'm after!

Enter Catdor, part inimitable Catherine Hickland, part majestic graceful creature–soaring with its sanguine message of freedom, strength and heart. Whoa. Well it is a pretty cool bird, don’t you think?
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