My friend Marlene Kahan, who has early-onset Parkinson‘s Disease, commissioned the Inspiration bracelet late in 2007 as part of her fundraising for Parkinson’s Unity Walk. I created Inspiration 2012 so I could wear one too, and the bangle came about through the suggestion of one of our first donors. 20% of the purchase price is donated directly to Parkinson’s Unity Walk ( in Marlene’s name. All of my commissions have been rewarding, but this one has been more gratifying than I ever could have anticipated. Every day I receive very personal and moving testimonials about how my bracelet has come to symbolize support, tribute and hope. We have raised $15,000.00 so far, and have been recognized in People, Redbook, Seventeen. Harper‘s Bazaar, Town & Country, Lucky, Self, and Neurology Now!
18K Yellow Gold
Price: $3250
Inspiration 2012
Unisex, Sterling Silver & Onyx
Female Price: $175
Male Price: $205
Inspiration Bangle
Sterling Silver
Price: $350
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